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Kaeser Know How is a blog for the compressed air user in Australia where you can find a wealth of knowledge as well as advice and tip and tricks that could help you plan, design and operate an optimised and efficient compressed air system.

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May 2019
What are the costs and the culprits of compressed air leaks?

Compressed air leak detection blog post
Compressed air leaks 101

In part 1 of our compressed air leaks 101 blog post series we look at what the costs are to a business of compressed air leaks and where the main culprits can be found.

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April 2019: Turn your compressors into an energy source with heat recovery

Heat recovery blog post

With winter just around the corner, in this blog post we learn how you can turn your compressors into an energy source by harnessing the power of heat recovery in the fight against rising energy costs.

March 2019 - Mastering your compressed air system for optimum efficiency

Mastering your compressed air system for optimum efficiency

In this blog post we look at how integrating an advanced master controller into a compressed air system with multiple compressors can assist users in optimising the systems energy efficiency and highlight the 3 keys ways that advanced master controllers reduce energy consumption.

February 2019 Feeling the pressure?

Compressed air systems for collision repair body shops

With electricity costs remaining high, finding ways to reduce your utility bills has never been so important. Compressed air is often considered the fourth utility and, if you’re a panel beater or collision repair body shop then compressed air will be critical to your operation. There are a number of ways to ensure you’re operating an energy efficient system. In this blog post we look at 5 considerations that will help you get started on your journey towards optimised compressed air energy efficiency.