Knowledge is power

Advanced, energy-efficient compressed air and blower technology combined with decades of compressed air engineering expertise enable operators to achieve savings of up to 30%. Kaeser Compressors is dedicated to increasing compressed air system energy efficiency and in sharing its exceptional expertise through a range of forums including through our compressed air seminars.

Expertise for planners, operators, and professionals

We share our expertise with you in compressed air and blower seminars specifically developed for planners, users and installation professionals. The topics covered in these seminars range from; planning and application through to optimisation of existing systems.

Expert seminars – Blowers

Blower expert seminars

This seminar is ideal if you are looking to increase your understanding about the blower technologies available and how to operate an energy efficient blower system.

Expert seminars – Compressed air

People looking to use compressed air as efficiently as possible must consider the company`s compressed air supply as a whole.

This seminar considers the compressed air supply system as a whole, providing a solid knowledge base for anyone wanting to use compressed air as efficiently as possible.