Stay flexible.

Important information regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 and the use of compressed air: 

“It is important to understand that while airborne viruses do exist, and these viruses, if drawn into an air compressor intake, have the potential to multiply in warm, wet, under-treated compressed air, Coronavirus COVID-19 has not demonstrated these behaviours.” Excerpt from the March 20th 2020 statement from the British Compressed Air Society Ltd.

We offer individual compressors, blowers and equipment for compressed air treatment for rental. Furthermore, complete, flexibly configurable systems comprising multiple components installed in containers are also available. All ready-to-connect compressed air containers are designed for outdoors placement. Once electricity, compressed air and waste water lines have been connected, the containers are ready for operation.

Because our equipment is fitted with a check valve, all Kaeser machines can be combined with third party manufacturers' equipment.

Your advantages

  • Flexible:
    The container equipment is flexibly configurable.
  • Plug & Play:
    Simply connect electricity, compressed air and waste water lines and the container is ready for operation.
  • Compatible:
    Can also be used in combination with systems from other manufacturers.