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Kaeser’s Pillaerator turbo blowers

01. 09 20

Low life cycle costs assured with Kaeser’s Pillaerator turbo blowers

Kaeser Compressors recently launched its Pillaerator turbo blowers, which are the ideal choice for high air demand aeration processes such as in biological water treatment applications. Using cutting edge technology, they provide energy-efficient and reliable operation to assure low life cycle costs.

Kaeser's SXC compact compressed air systems

01. 09 20

Maximum performance and energy saving

Specifically designed for trade and craft applications, the SXC screw compressor range from Kaeser Compressors combines exceptional efficiency and cost-effective performance with super-quiet compressed air production, treatment and storage. Moreover, the SXC can help achieve annual savings of approximately $1,300 compared with a conventional reciprocating compressor of equivalent power.

Zero emissions and substantial savings in operating costs are just two of the benefits that portable compressed air users can enjoy with the Mobilair e-power series of portable compressors from Kaeser Compressors. A true alternative to conventional models, these rugged electric-drive portable compressors may be the ideal alternative wherever a power supply is available.

Kaeser Compressors has recently expanded its range of EBS series rotary screw blowers with the launch of the EBS 410 models. Designed especially with water industry applications in mind, these new models represent a milestone in the development of oil-free compression blower technology.

Kaeser Compressors recently launched the latest generation of its smaller heatless regenerated desiccant dryers for flow rates from 0.2 to 1.13 m3/min. Compact, highly efficient and exceptionally reliable, these enhanced models present the ideal choice for compressed air supply systems serving sensitive industrial processes such as those found in the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries to name only a few.

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