Webinar Overview

The Compressed Air Webinar

The Compressed Air Webinar consists of three 90 minute modules, delivered online and over three consecutive weeks. 

Like water, gas and electricity - compressed air is an essential utility that many areas of industry rely upon every day. Providing compressed air reliably and efficiently in the required quality is a complex process and requires careful consideration of a compressed air supply system as a whole. 

The widest possible knowledge base is therefore required in order to properly assess the various interactions within the system and its integration into the operational environment. 

The Compressed Air Webinar from Kaeser Compressors, provides a solid knowledge base for all those involved in the planning, installation, operation and maintenance of compressed air supply systems. It has also been specifically developed for the Australian industry and suitable for engineers, consultants, operators and supervisors. 

Who should attend?

If you are responsible for the planning, installation, operation or maintenance of compressed air supply systems this webinar is for you!

Overview of modules

Compressed air webinars with Kaeser Compressors

The Compressed Air Webinar is delivered over three 90 minutes sessions and includes

Module 1: Compressed air fundamentals & generation
Module 2: Compressed air treatment
Module 3: Regulation, control & cost - effectiveness 

Webinar cost per delegate $149 +gst* 

*This includes registration to attend all 3 modules, a copy of the Compressed Air Seminar hardback book and a Certificate of Participation (which may be eligible CPD - Continual Professional Development - hours).


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