Management Processes – Responsibilities of Senior Management

The management processes define how the corporate management of KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE controls and monitors the business, plans the necessary human resources and guarantees legal compliance.

To this end, internal audits are conducted on a regular basis. Based on the results of these internal audits, as well as feedback from customers, evaluation of KPIs and preventive and corrective measures taken, senior management assesses the IMS in terms of

  • Suitability,
  • Appropriateness and
  • Effectiveness.

The results of this evaluation by management may lead to corrective measures and serve as the basis for new goals, for the improvement of processes and products (continuous improvement process as an instrument of the IMS) and for a more efficient use of resources.

In matters regarding the IMS, the contact person for employees should be either their immediate supervisor or the nominated IMS representative for the relevant department/branch, who are tasked with ensuring

  • that the stipulations laid down in the corporate policy are applied accordingly
  • that, by putting in place the necessary framework, the corporate objectives relating to quality, the environment, occupational safety and energy policy are understood, observed and acted upon at all levels of the business,
  • that work is carried out in accordance with the instructions contained within the established processes and that
  • all necessary improvements are updated in the system.