SMart evolution: Kaeser launch latest generation SM series

Kaeser Compressors recently announced the launch of its latest generation SM series rotary screw compressors which are now even more efficient thanks to a number of smart product enhancements.

Kaeser SM series rotary screw compressor
SMart evolution with the even more efficient latest generation models

For maximum efficiency, the SM 13 and SM 16 compressor models are now equipped as standard with a super-premium efficiency IE4 motor that complies with and exceeds prevailing Australian GEMS regulations for 3 phase electric motors. IE4 motors are the technology of tomorrow, with current regulation introduced in January 2015 only requiring the use of IE3 Class motors. For the end user this translates into best possible compressor performance, reduced energy costs and significantly enhanced compressed air production efficiency - today.

For even greater intake volume and efficiency, the latest generation of SM series rotary screw compressors are also equipped with the new SIGMA 06 screw compressor block, featuring even further refined Sigma Profile rotors. Together with the IE4 motor, Kaeser has been able to reduce the energy requirement of these compressors by up to 13 percent.

All SM series compressors incorporate a Sigma Control 2. With this internal controller, compressor performance can be precisely adjusted to match respective compressed air consumption for optimum efficiency. The control unit features an easy to read display allowing all information to be viewed at a glance.

Where multiple compressors exist as part of a compressed air station, the Sigma Control 2 can easily be integrated with the master compressed air management controller from Kaeser - the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0). A key technology in the advanced world of Industrie 4.0, the SAM 4.0 seamlessly monitors and controls all components within a compressed air supply system for maximum cost savings, continuously fine-tuning system performance to ensure optimised energy efficiency. In addition, predictive maintenance is possible preventing unplanned downtime.

These latest generation models remain maintenance friendly. All maintenance work can be carried out from one side of the unit. The housing cover is easily removed to allow excellent component accessibility. In addition there is no need to remove the housing cover to inspect fluid levels or drive belt tension, as these can be checked via a convenient inspection window. Sound levels as low as 62 dB(A) furthermore ensure whisper-quiet performance making them the ideal choice for point of use applications.

The SM series of rotary screw compressors from Kaeser are available with drive powers of 5.5 to 9 kW, and produce flow rates from 0.59 to 1.62 m3/min, designed for pressures 7.5 to 15 bar.

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Kaeser SM series rotary screw compressor

SMart evolution with the even more efficient latest generation models

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