Small but powerful: A compact portable powerhouse from Kaeser

Outstanding power and efficiency paired with quiet operation and exceptional manoeuvrability makes the Mobilair 17 from Kaeser the ideal compressor solution, wherever a compact portable powerhouse is required for smaller compressed air requirements.

Kaeser Mobilair M17 portable compressor
Small but powerful: the M 17 from Kaeser is the ideal compact powerhouse for smaller portable compressed air requirements

With a flow rate of 1.6 m3/min at 7 bar, the M 17 from Kaeser is capable of powering breakers, drills, saws, grinders, impact wrenches and even impact borers. In addition, the 7 bar version is perfect for powering pneumatically driven pipe inspection robots. For added flexibility, this highly versatile portable compressor is also available in a 15 bar version.

At the heart of every model lies a powerful, proprietary Kaeser screw compressor block equipped with the energy efficient Sigma Profile rotors. Developed by Kaeser and continuously enhanced ever since, the Kaeser Sigma Profile achieves power savings of up to 15 percent compared with conventional screw compressor block rotor profiles. An air-cooled 4 stroke Honda petrol engine provides the necessary power via a maintenance free v-belt drive system. This ensures dependable power transmission between the engine, motor and screw compressor block.

The M 17 comes equipped with a generous 20 litre capacity fuel tank that enables uninterrupted operation during long work shifts, eliminating the need for frequent refuelling. A continuous air delivery control system precisely matches compressor performance to suit actual compressed air demand, which further reduces fuel consumption of these already highly efficient compressor units. The M 17 is also highly durable with a corrosion-proof rotation-sintered PE enclosure, which contributes to its remarkably quiet operation with a guaranteed sound power level of <97 dB (A).

The M 17 portable compressor from Kaeser is so compact and lightweight that it can be easily transported in any delivery vehicle, or on the loading floor of a truck or pick-up, leaving the vehicle’s tow coupling free for use.

For applications that may require cool and condensate-free compressed air, the M 17 can be equipped with an external compressed air aftercooler. The aftercooler is installed in a frame equipped with fixed connections for compressed air, condensate return and electrical power (12 V supply from the compressor) to drive the aftercooler fan. Accumulating condensate is vaporised with help from the hot engine exhaust.

The M 17 is also especially user-friendly when it comes to maintenance and handling: manoeuvrability on the construction site is made simple thanks to the long handle, rugged wheels with pneumatic tyres, four convenient lifting-lugs and a counter-sunk crane eye. Last but not least, maintenance tasks are easy to carry out, as the wide-opening sound enclosure enables excellent component accessibility.

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Kaeser Mobilair M17 portable compressor

Small but powerful: the M 17 from Kaeser is the ideal compact powerhouse for smaller portable compressed air requirements

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