Versatile, powerful and efficient compressed air technology for the construction industry

If you want to find out how cutting-edge technology enhances compressed air efficiency and dependability for construction site applications, then look no further than the Mobilair 135 portable compressor from Kaeser.

Mobilair 135 portable compressor
Versatile, powerful and efficient: The Mobilair 135 portable compressor from Kaeser with optional GPS/GSM tracking capability.

This versatile powerhouse features the advanced Sigma Control Mobile compressor management system, as well as optional GPS and GSM tracking capability, for a highly efficient and dependable mobile compressor solution.
Featuring the Sigma Control (SCM) compressor management system, the M 135 from Kaeser, can enhance compressed air availability as well as fuel efficiency by precisely matching power to actual compressed air demand.

In addition, with the 15 or 23 kVA generator versions of the Mobilair 135, the SCM will also receive information from the generator regarding voltage and frequency. Consequently, the electronically controlled air intake valve is able to dynamically adjust free air delivery in accordance with generator power consumption. This system therefore enables co-ordinated compressed air and power generation without the risk of overloading the unit's engine. Needless to say this provides significant user advantages. For example, the maximum possible free air delivery can be fully utilised as there is no longer a predetermined air delivery limit. This advantage is also combined with impressive fuel efficiency. Moreover, the electronically controlled air intake valve allows system pressure to be precisely controlled to within 0.1 bar directly from the SCM's display. This not only makes operation simple, but also significantly enhances fuel efficiency even when operating at partial load.

The SCM is now also available with optional GPS and GSM (global system for mobile communication) tracking capability. This function enables the user to track the exact location of the compressor via the Internet at any time. Operational data can also be accessed. The user can therefore enjoy the benefits of optimised maintenance scheduling - a valuable asset for large fleet operators - and could even use this function to re-locate machines that have been removed from a construction site without prior authorisation.

Specifically built to withstand the toughest of construction site conditions, the SCM compressor control system is both shock- and vibration-resistant. In addition, the system can be used in a temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C.
Amongst its many features, the SCM displays; operational data, indicates operational modes, utilises logically structured menus for maximum user-friendliness and enables performance monitoring and remote diagnostics. Further features include engine diagnostics, comprehensive system monitoring and alerts to potential problems and various maintenance messages.

Available with various equipment options, the Mobilair 135 provides a versatile source of energy for a wide range of construction site needs. For special applications it can be supplied as a skid-mounted version rather than as a standard chassis-mounted model. Optional additional equipment includes air treatment systems to provide cool, dry, technically oil-free air of various classes to meet the special demands of, for example, concrete repair.

Powered by a 122 kW four-cylinder Deutz diesel engine and featuring flow-optimised 'Sigma Profile' screw compressor block rotors, the Mobilair 135 provides a free air delivery of 13 m3/min at 10 bar(g). It is also available in 12 and 14 bar versions delivering 12 and 10.5 m3/min respectively.

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Mobilair 135 portable compressor

Versatile, powerful and efficient: The Mobilair 135 portable compressor from Kaeser with optional GPS/GSM tracking capability.

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