Kaeser launches 2021 webinar programme

Kaeser Compressors Australia has launched a new webinar programme for 2021. This programme includes a remastered online version of its popular one-day Compressed Air Seminar, as well as a series of compressed air focused webinars in partnership with Engineers Australia.

Kaeser Compressors launches the Compressed Air Webinar
Compressed air training & education still at the forefront

Kaeser Compressors is committed to supporting the compressed air industry with training and education. This became challenging last year with face-to-face events largely impossible. With COVID-19 restrictions likely to remain fluid throughout 2021, Kaeser has therefore taken the opportunity to move its seminars online. 

The Compressed Air Webinar
Developed by Kaeser, the Compressed Air Webinar is a remastered online version of the company’s popular one-day Compressed Air Seminar. It has been specifically developed to provide a solid compressed air knowledge base for all those involved in the planning, installation, operation and maintenance of compressed air supply systems. 

Like water, gas and electricity - compressed air is an essential utility that many areas of industry rely upon every day. Providing compressed air reliably and efficiently in the required quality is a complex process and requires careful consideration of a compressed air supply system as a whole. The widest possible knowledge base is therefore required in order to properly assess the various interactions within the system and its integration into the operational environment. 

The complete Compressed Air Webinar is broken down into three 90 minute modules, that are held online and over three consecutive weeks. From the fundamental principles of compressed air to compressed air treatment, regulations and control systems - the Compressed Air Webinar from Kaeser, provides participants with the knowledge that can ultimately assist them in optimising the reliability and energy efficiency of a compressed air system. 

The Compressed Air Webinar is scheduled to run in May and October 2021. Visit au.kaeser.com for more details and registration options. 

The Webinar Series
Kaeser is also excited to announce that it is partnering with Engineers Australia in 2021, to deliver a number of further webinars. These webinars will hone in on specific compressed air topics. More details on these events will be available very soon by visiting au.kaeser.com 

For more information on webinars with Kaeser Compressors, just visit au.kaeser.com or phone 1800 640 611.

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Kaeser Compressors launches the Compressed Air Webinar

Kaeser Compressors launches The Compressed Air Webinar

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