Kaeser at Austech 2019: needs-based compressed air production

Highly efficient compressors, effective compressed air treatment systems, smart engineering and intelligent services - Kaeser will be showcasing a wide range of its compressed air solutions at Austech that reveal the modern face of needs-based air production.

Kaeser compressed air system
Kaeser will showcase a complete compressed air station at Austech

Visitors to the Kaeser stand AT50 at Austech will be able to learn more about Kaeser’s highly efficient, effective and smart compressed air solutions that deliver needs-based air production. For the end user this translates in to more compressed air and more energy savings. 

Kaeser will be showcasing a complete compressed air system at Austech. This includes the compact and highly efficient SK series of rotary screw compressors. Featuring the energy saving Sigma Profile screw compressor block rotors, a premium efficiency IE3 motor and the Sigma Control 2 controller, the SK series from Kaeser provide both outstanding efficiency and reliability. In fact, not only do they deliver more compressed air for less power consumption, but they also combine ease of maintenance with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design. 

Sophisticated compressed air treatment and condensate technology go a long way to ensuring a compressed air system remains reliable and efficient. Amongst the compressed air treatment system on display on the Kaeser stand at Austech will be a Kryosec series refrigeration dryer. 

The Kryosec compact range of refrigeration dryers deliver outstanding performance with ‘Made in Germany’ industrial quality and reliable moisture protection in ambient temperatures up to +50oC. 

When it comes to needs-based air production, a key technology that Kaeser has to offer is the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 compressed air controller. This smart controller is the central mastermind that controls the entire compressed air supply and a key Industrie 4.0 compressed air technology. It enables optimal coordination and control of all components within a compressed air station, precisely matching air delivery with the required airflow profile to meet the end user’s exact requirements. Within seconds it analyses the operating data, simulates possible responses and selects the most effective option. The result: smart needs-based air production. 

Join Kaeser at Austech on stand AT50 to discover the latest in compressed air technologies as well as obtain expert advice from Kaeser’s team of compressed air specialists.

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Kaeser compressed air system

Kaeser will showcase a complete compressed air station at Austech

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Sigma Air Manager 4.0

The Sigma Air Manager 4.0 from Kaeser is a key technology in the production of needs-based compressed air

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Kaeser SK series rotary screw compressor

The Kaeser SK series rotary screw compressors are compact, reliable and efficient

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