Magnet bearing turbo blowers

State-of-the-art process air

Kaeser Kompressoren has expanded its product range with the introduction of magnetic bearing turbo blowers.

Turbo blowers are the optimum choice when it comes to fluid aeration - wastewater treatment, flotation, fermentation and process air (e.g. Air Knives).

For flow rates up to 8000 m³/h there is the 150 kW series, and the 300 kW series for flow rates up to 17,000 m³/h. Both of these model ranges comprise three different types of PillAerator. Due to the differing impeller designs, each type delivers different pressures and flow rates up to a maximum of 1.4 bar gauge pressure.

Here you can find all the relevant product information: PillAerator turbo blowers